LW 10 - Mac] Transfer in After Effectmovements Data from LW's Camera

Hello everyone,
Everything comes from my need to import the animated sequence in After Effects to put Texts that moves according to the Camera movements used in LW. To do this, recommended me to use NOT a .RLA sequence cause obsolete, (...but accepted by AE and easy to apply), but rather to use a plugin called TransMotion. TransMotion Plugins asks me to input a file (. Mot ... or something like that) but I have no idea what it is. I think it's a file (text) that should generate LW and where are the details of the camera movements ...
This file would then converted from the Plugin TransMotion to be fed to AE. (Even if you do not know how ...)
Since no one still can give me an answer on how the plugin, wonder if there is another way to do the same thing I said and I repeat here for clarity: if you have animation made in LW (. exr) and want to put it into AE for input text (text that moves according with LW's Camera movements) how would you do?

Thank you and hope for the best.