I really found big difficulties to utilize TransMotion Plugins... but now my problems is above all one:
I don't know where is or how make the INPUT FILE asked...
I've Mac oSx 10.6.7 and Lightwave 10.
In the little Guide to Transmotion the company writes:
"Input File - Use this control to browse to and select the file to be converted. Please
note that all files to be converted must be ascii (text) files. Mac users please note that
files should be ”‘DOS” text files or they will probably not be read properly..."
Which files? How can I obtain this file?
[Naturally. I'm in LW layout, I've the animation just completed and I've your plugin opened... but 'I don't know which file have I to converter (INPUT FILE)]
Anybody can explain me please how can I find or create this INPUT FILE and HOW can After Affect accept it? (Anybody had experience with TranSmotion plugin?)

Many thanks, bye!