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Thread: Remotely Controlling the Switcher

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    Question Remotely Controlling the Switcher

    Hello from Washington DC - new forum participant and new owner of a Tricaster.

    I didn't see this subject anywhere here so I'd like to throw it out to you: we are using our unit at a radio broadcast facility that has a video production arm. Our morning show producer is using our 'Tri to do a UStream feed of himself + the host via Skype. Here's the thing: the producer sits in a radio studio that is 45 feet away from the video control room, and has asked for a way to remotely work the switcher while he is on the air.

    On one hand, I can load VNC onto the 'Tri and work it over the web, but I am not keen about the idea of loading anything on this machine that is *not* Tricaster-relevant software. On another hand, I am considering a USB-to-CAT5 converter to extend the reach of the hardware controller so it can be detached and walked down to the radio studio. I'd also use a VGA-to-USB converter to remotely view the screen as well.

    I need more ideas.

    We're not about to hire an intern or other staffer to TD the switcher during the show, but there has to be more ways to do this than I am thinking. If anyone has anything brilliant, I am all ears. Thank you.


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    If that is the short distance you need to go. then definitely go with a KVM over Cat5.

    You could also do a pair of BlackMagic DVI to HDSDI and HDSDI to DVI to carry the GUI which would look as good as sitting in front of it.

    If you are looking for just a cat5 solution then make sure the KVM over Cat5 can handle the 1920x1090 resolution that the TriCaster likes to use for the GUI.

    One other thing is make sure if you are using a LC-11 or XD850 CS, use a USB powered hub at the remote end with ONLY a 6' cable between the powered USB hub and the Controller
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    Have You seen these Addons?

    I was looking for remote controlling, scripting predefined sequences and scheduled transitions/switches..

    found all here.. with these features, TC really does all i need

    (haven't tried them yet, since i dont have my own Tricaster. Hope that changes soon )
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZoLO View Post
    Have You seen these Addons?
    Those aren't available for HD TriCasters currently.
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