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Thread: Tricaster Studio vs. TCXD300 in the short run

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    Tricaster Studio vs. TCXD300 in the short run

    We are recording multiple conference rooms with 2 to 3 cameras in each for internal use. Our current setup includes SD PTZ cameras, a matrix switcher, dvd recorders, and computers (recording video content using Microsoft Expressions Encoder). We want greater flexibility...being able to switch camera shots during recording and add lower-third graphics (names and such).

    We also want to produce live and recorded web content . . . preferably using the Livesets.

    My question is do we purchase the Studio given that we currently only have SD cameras, or purchase the TCXD300 in anticipation of HD down the line. Are the extra features that are included with the TCXD300 worth the extra investment? (Note: I've been told by TCXD300 users that the quality of the Liveset recordings is greater (even in SD) than that of the Studio.

    I welcome and appreciate any advice.

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    Arrow TriCaster XD300 over TriCaster STUDIO?

    Given that the TriCaster XD300 is about double the price of the TriCaster STUDIO, at first glance, it may not seem like a super-easy decision to make.

    However, given the additional capabilities that the XD300 offers, particularly if you anticipate using LiveSets, it may be a wise investment for now...and for the future.

    Being able to zoom in/out to get the proper framing (without touching the camera) will be a very valuable resource when your subjects aren't sitting or standing exactly where they are supposed to be.

    It's continually frustrating for users to have to meet the constraints of the old LiveSet (only cuts, no zooms) format. That doesn't allow for as much change on the fly as most producers/directors will want.

    Our clients that have used both tell us that the XD300 is much more user-friendly and forgiving if something isn't "just right."

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    Of course we all have opinions, and take your own situation into the mix.
    But if you only use 2-3 cameras, and if you can afford it, I would suggest going with the XD300.
    We now only have the XD300 & XD850. I would feel like I'm missing something by going back to the Studio or Broadcast.
    First, HD will be called for before you know it. And the ability to zoom has become standard in almost all our opens. It gives a much more realistic feel to the viewer.
    Plus the other positioning abilities has come in handy many times. Today as well as we had to fit 3 people on a single set.
    Best of luck with your decision!
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    There is a case to be made for starting out with the less expensive system, and using it to fund the cost of a more advanced on later (inquire about trade-up possibilities with your dealer, too). Another possibility would be finding a good used 300 or dealer demo unit. Honestly, if the budget permitted, I'd say sell the car and buy the 850, which is just so doggone competent it's stunning ... but that's just me.
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    Thanks for the help!

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