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Thread: Feature Film animation

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    Feature Film animation

    Just finished my first feature film not that long ago. I have a lot of animation (a lot of LW) work in there. Just curious to get some people's opinion on it. I have a trailer and the intro to the film up at the movie's site. The film is called: Color.


    here is the link
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    Very cool!

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    Some of the compositing effects I saw were pretty impressive.

    But more than that though, I liked the creative freedom the most... I absolutely loved the idea of taking simplified 3d props taking the place of a physical object, if only for a split second. I think my favorite parts were the composite of the gunfire and the scene of the shooting with the victims replaced by human symbols. On paper, I would have said that's super cheezy, but it really worked out well here. The weakest part in my opinion is the shot at 1:25... its too obviously composited and I don't know if that was the intention or not.

    Sometimes I feel producers are always trying to cram too much detail into limited spaces... yes it can look really nice, but sometimes it can cause a viewer to be uncertain as to where on the screen they should be looking. I'm glad to see this trailer kind of deviate from that.

    Anyways, very cool and original concept. Its something you don't see enough in film anymore.
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    Certainly looks interesting. The muted film palette contrasting with the cg hues works well.
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    A lot of cool effects and creative freedom in there. Pop artsy.

    Interesting intro about colors, electro magnetic radiation, too.


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