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Thread: My pc

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    My pc

    This might be a dumb question... but has anyone tried to use 'Go to my PC dot com' to control SE from a remote location.. I actually have VT5 on my work computer and would like to be able to control it from home or elsewhere.
    I haven't looked at the website yet, but figured that somebody out there may have tried it already.
    I have to go sit with my father while my mother recovers from a procedure and would like to redeem the time while I'm there.
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    Hi John,
    I haven't used but you might also try windows live mesh's remote access if you have windows 7.
    Gary R.
    Sharpcut Productions

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    Jef.. aka Mr Pizazz as well as some other (Brett?) have actually run and/or monitored VT shows remotely using software either the same or similar to GTMPC.

    I'm sure it would work, but expect some latency.

    If you have a stand alone of SE and a decent PC at Mom and Pop's it will let you install and use for 15 days.

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    Yea I have used it and it works just fine will do it for free. But I have switched over to an external VNC client as it does not add additional load to the TriCaster processor.

    You do get some latency and no audio but I monitor audio via a phone interconnect and I take my cues from there.
    Brett Beanan

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    I have good experinces with Teamviewer. VNC was always problematic, wether it was TightVNC, UltraVNc or RealVNC. Firewalls, weird issues...

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    I do it all the time

    I use UltraVNC routinely to edit or play stuff from remote desktop. I have it on a local network so there are no firewalls. But it does have some eccentricities:

    1 - My SE Station has 2 monitors. Ultra VNC only lets you see one of my 2 monitors, no matter how bit my remote terminal is. So you have to crush the user interface over to the single screen and do it all there.

    2 - You have to go into prerferences and turn the menu alpha function off or to full (no transparency). Any transparency at all will make the menus completely invisible on the remote terminal.

    3 - Playback is jerky. The UltraVNC interface will compress the stream no matter what LAN speed settings I use, so watching the video is jerky, but it works. I just have to remember that it looks fine on the main machine.

    Before you leave the SE Station & go remote, you have to remeber to drag the video output window to the left screen so you can see it over remote. If you forget that, you can't get the mouse over to the right screen so there's no way to get it over to the left remotely. You can't close it & reopen it either, because the reopening will put it back in the same place it was. Probably the only way to do it would be to remotely edit the settings textfile but that's getting really complex...

    Those are the basics.

    But yes, It absolutely can be done!

    BTW, installing the software for 15 days is a good idea but you don't have access to all your media. Or your projects, presets, etc. Damn.


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