I'm back in Lightwave after a nearly 2 years working in other software packages.

Something I'm trying to do, that I became used to doing in other packages. That is drive a high resolution mesh with the animation I've done on a lower resolution, or proxy of that mesh. I'm kicking myself for not remembering how to do this. Oddly enough I could remember a plugin from 15 years ago called puppet master, but I don't know how to do it with version 9 or 10.

fyi, the particular thing I'm trying to do is two halves of a microscopic fibers tearing away from each other. The fibers are several layers deep so ClothFX wouldn't work. And they need to interlock. The whole animation has the fibers stretching then breaking away from one end all the way through the length leaving two halves with a ragged edge between them.

If there aren't any suggestions, I may just have to brute force it using Bones.