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Thread: xd300 upgrade to ver.2c (latest) fails

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    xd300 upgrade to ver.2c (latest) fails

    I reinstated original software partition and triCaster works fine. Redo Windows and TC licensing without problem. Download latest tc revision 2c. After install with no warnings - the tricaster hangs with "NewTek TriCaster" splash screen.

    How can I resolve this upgrade problem?
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    I'm not aware of any outstanding issue of this sort, but it may be some fairly simple matter. I think your best bet is to contact Tech Support, Ron.
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    Thanks Steve:

    The problem ended up being a corrupt media subdirectory on drive d: - a drive not modified by the factory restore process. If others have a problem with NewTek logo hanging after factory restore (xd300 in mycase) followed by upgrade to latest version (2.c in my case):

    1) Do yet another factory restore. Windows Vista can not be registered probably, because you tried too many times so...

    2) Follow the phone registration process on Microsoft - tedious be works. Then enter your registration code for NewTek Tricaster app.

    3) Copy your d:\media\*.* files to a backup. In my case I just copied to d:\media_old\*.* on drive d: itself.

    4) delete sessions subdirectory. This will not delete all our media clips, but the tricaster software will not have any potentially corrupt sessions to load.

    5) Now you can perform an "update" tricaster process.

    No more issues - Tricaster works fine. old media clips can still be accessed using new sessions you create as needed.

    This problem now makes sense to me. Tricaster running latest update somehow had its session control file corrupted so Tricaster software fails to run live sessions - this was the beginning of my problem. I suspect the corrupt section of one or more live session files is not recognized by the factory original software. So very time I restored to factory original software, my Tricaster would work ok. Upon upgrade to latest version, some new features in the session file(s), causes software crash. This would be consistent with my original problem starting with latest version of Tricaster software in the first place.

    Suggestion to NewTek: supply FAQ on restoring d:\media drive to its factory original setting, and include a session file integrity test on startup built into your next release of TriCaster software so this problem need not happen in the future.

    Best regards,

    Ron Fredericks
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