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And if they loved your demo but wouldn't hire you because of your tool, you DON'T WANT TO BE WORKING FOR THEM! THEY ARE MORONS. They must be narrow minded enough to put their heads through a mailbox.
He did not say it specifically but as soon as he found out I didn't know FCP his entire demeanor changed. He said they only had FCP in their bays (all 2(!?) of them) and that's when I said I would bring in my own editing rig, hook it to his monitors and leave it there. I asked if the two bays ever had to share footage thinking there would be a pipeline Pro-Res problem or something and he said no. :shrug:

Maybe I wore the wrong tie, or very possibly he just interviewed a suitable editor that DID now FCP, that's understandable. I can't say 100% that was the reason but what I can say 100% is that he didn't even seem to care much after the no FCP info. I think the room even got 5 degrees colder.

I interviewed at a TV station today for a cameraman position and when I told the guy I could also edit he asked...."You use Final Cut Pro?"
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where the f%$^% are those tutorials?