A week or two ago I was showing SpeedEDIT to a friend of mine. He uses Pinnacle and Premiere at home and his work has just standardized on Macs so they use Final Cut Pro. I showed him how SpeedEDIT can display your text in any of the installed TrueType/OpenType fonts. He went on to ask if I could select a different font for the text I had already entered into a Title Page. SpeedEDIT could do that. After that he wanted me to select the font select field and then use my Down and Up Arrow Keys to scroll through all of the fonts while automatically changing the selected text in my Title Page to the font under the selection cursor. SpeedEDIT could not do that. My friend says that he uses that feature in Final Cut or Premiere all the time. What a neat feature. Could you guys add that to SpeedEDIT some time? It would be nice.