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Thread: Lightwave 8 free upgrade for education version?

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    Lightwave 8 free upgrade for education version?

    Hello everybody,

    This may be a big fat unknown, but does anyone know if the deal to receive a free upgrade to LW8 is applicable to the purchase of the education discount version of LW7?

    I ask because I need to know whether I should go ahead and make the purchase or wait until LW8 is available to do it as I'd like to try and learn the software a bit before I throw down my 1500.

    Thanks for your help!

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    If I were you, I would buy one of Larry Shultz's or Dan Ablan's courses, and then qualify for the student version to purchase for $395. You'll spend half of the $1500. If you're not worried about making money, it only make sense. Take advantage of the free upgrade from you student 7.5c to 8 and when the next paid upgrade rolls around, you change the licence into a commercial one.

    Feel free to wire the balance of the money you save.


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