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Thread: Clips lengths changing and screwing everything up

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    Clips lengths changing and screwing everything up

    I am, once again, at my wits end. This is my final project with SE 1.5 and has been ongoing for 4 years of tuning and tweaking.

    My latest problem is this..... I have a bunch of pics, all perfectly keyframed and disolving into eachother over my narration and also some musical photo montages. I save my project, come back the next day and for some reason, all of those images' lengths have changed, so instead of dissolving into eachother, they not begin to but then cut off because of the change of length. This has happened to me every day for the past week and I am friggin tired of it. I have to redo many parts of the timeline over and over and over again and it is different parts of the timeline that get affected. Ripple edit is disabled.

    What the EFFIN HELL is going on? I cannot wait to be done with this be done with SE but in the mean time, I am struggling with nonsense. For all of it's ease of use, I am always thrown back by these malfunctions.

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    Man I wish I could help you. I've had each version of SpeedEDIT, and many in between, and have never experienced this.

    Try saving a new version at the end of each day and see if you get the same results. Maybe there is somethig wrong with that EDL???

    Another thing to try, if you open the project and you have the same experience, try hitting the undo button a time or two and see if that helps.
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    It is the weirdest thing and only began happening recently. The funny thing is that I know it is going to happen as soon as I look at the timeline. Normally, the dissolves are in the middle of the two clips but I know something is wrong when the entire clip has dissolves that cover the entire clip and even into the next clip. So, instead of the clip disolving into the next, it slowly dissolves over into the next clip and then disappears in one big poof under the 2nd clip. Looks terrible. And it is randon. I can fix one section 23 minutes into it and then I go back to check out the final video for the final save and I see that a section at 10:00 is overlapped, for no reason at all.

    As I have said, I have been fine tuning this for 4 years and really need it out the door by this weekend and I have to re-do a ton of stuff. I took off last week one day from work to really get it done and I got 6 minutes done aftrer 10 hours. That is how intricate this is. I cannot afford to have clips shifting randomly.

    This machine only has WIn XP Pro, SE 1.5, Photoshop and SOund forge.

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    Tony I realize this would be a major PIA workaround, but would it be feasible to render segments of the project as you get them done (when they're still stable) and then stitch those together as a final step?
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    It sounds like a very taxing (and trying) project. How long is it? Long projects with many large still images in them can suck up mammoth amounts of ram, and bog down. Do you have a fair bit of RAM installed?
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    It is only 30 minutes. It is a biography of my sister's life that I made for her 50th birthday. It is made up mostly of stills and some video along with a ton of narration, music, sound effects, etc. It is mostly funny and slightly fictionized but it makes it more entertaining that way. The edits arent too crazy. I dont want it to look amateurish by using those crazy effects. Most of them dissolve into eachother. Some are cut to the music but it is mostly narration. I had to create a bunch of pics from nothing since they dont exist. So, in the end, there are hundreds of pics. Most of the clips are normal in length ( a couple of seconds in length) but some are only 1 -2 seconds. There is no relationship of the lengths to the messed up parts. It seems to be completely random, which drives me nuts because I will spend an hour fixing the newly screwed up areas, save the project and then open it to see an entirely newly screwed up area that has to be re-done.

    I will re-do it one more time and then save it as a new project name and see what happens. Thanks for the responses.

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    I have 4 GB Ram Steve, which is more than the 32 bit WIndows can use.

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    Working with stills can be tricky, especially when you adjust the length by dragging the beginning or end of the still. It works differently for stills than for video clips. When you drag the edge of a still it does not merely change the In/Out point, instead it changes something else (speed?). Anyway, this can lead to unusual behavior, especially when an effect (fade) is applied.

    There was another thread about this. I think if you hold Alt while dragging the edge of a still it works the way you would think.

    You may want to look at the properties of any wonky stills and check their speed (or whatever the name of the property is that gets messed up) and set it back to 100% and then adjust still length on the timeline while holding alt.

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    Here's the thread where the same issue is discussed. It also causes problems for keyframing.

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    Thanks for the link. I read it and it sounds like my problem but it still does not make sense to me because I have been doing this since I started using SE 1.0 and this never happened. Even this project, the entire timeline was done by stretching the pic to the length I wanted (and tweaking it from there) so why is it happening at one point and not another. And the next day, what worked yesterday is screwed up today. I dont like when things are random.

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    Sounds like a Windows Update has affected SE on your system somehow. You may need to do a System Restore.

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    Windows update has been disabled for over a year on this computer after I installed SP3. I didnt want anything installed on this computer until this project is done. Thanks for the input though.


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