Is there a way in LW to control how far the camera is away from an object or terrain? I am currently working on a project that requires the camera to move along an uneven terrain.

This is what I have done so far:

1. I have setup a simple rig that is rigged to a Doorway Dolly that I modeled.
2. Dolly is then treated as a car. It is rigged and collides to the ground so it can move along the terrain.
3. Camera is parented to a pole on the Dolly to establish correct height from the ground.
4. The Camera then follows the character or other vehicles. Similar to using a camera in production.

Here lies the problem: When the camera goes through uneven terrain or through a valley for example. I have to take extra steps when it goes around a corner to the left or the right. When the camera goes up hill I get a good shot of the sky for a couple of extra seconds. Even though the camera follows the other object it still has to look up when the dolly looks up.
Is there anything out there besides Craft Animation studio? They don't work for Lightwave and doesn't look there is any plans for the future with that. Thanks.