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Thread: Lightwave 10 tutorial

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    Lightwave 10 tutorial

    I am in the making of a simple LW10 tutorial on "how to make this movie"
    for new users to Lightwave.

    Hope this will help to get you started.

    Please give feedback on interests

    Anyone know of a good screencapture?
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    If it's under 5min long you can use Jing from techsmith. There's a free version and a paid version. The paid version gives you more output options and removes the branding. I have been able to get the .swf the free version ouputs into a video editor by loading the swf in AE and exporting it, then playing the swf in a web browser while running extra software to capture the audio since my version of AE doesn't output the audio from the swf.

    For longer stuff, Camtasia is often used. Since I'm on a Mac, I can use Quicktime X (it comes with OS 10.6.x). If you're on a budget, Windows Media Encoder can also record the screen. I'm sure there are other as well.
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    I've always used camtasia, and now camtasia for mac.


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    Camtasia looks great. Thanks

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    Here we have the first tutorial: How to load fbx files from

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    Here is the second tutorial: How to inport BVH files from


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