16 DEC 2010


Kelly/Carrico Entertainment is seeking an energetic, efficient and resourceful freelance generalist (specifically: modeler/shader) with LightWave 9.6 to help our post-production team complete CG assets for a feature-length Sci-Fi 24p/HD (CineAlta) bluescreen film now in final post-production.

Work to be done on-site (metro Detroit, PC-based) with opportunities to complete certain things off-site depending on Artist's skills. Competent knowledge of After Effects CS5 a plus but not required. Offering 12-16 weeks, 30-40 hours/week (3 or 4 ten-hour days) minimum $15/hour commitment, starting immediately.

Movie website: www.kelly-carrico.com (rough cut scenes/trailer/press kit)
Director/DP website: www.kevincarrico.com (variety of work/styles/clients)

Please contact [email protected] with links to online show reels -- preferably YouTube, but WMV or H.264 QuickTime accepted -- or emails with 640x480 or 640x360 WMV or H.264 QuickTime (not to exceed 6MB each). 1920x1080 portfolio JPGs also accepted since the animation and shot-alignment/tracking is complete.

Please include a resume (PDF) with current references and, if not designated on the reel, a detailed per-shot performance list (i.e., your responsibilities in each shot and the time needed to create them -- no need to focus on lighting or animation skills -- also in PDF format).

Artist would have access to high-end texture, visual effects and nurnie libraries. If you have other skills to offer (experience with other software such as Particle Illusion, LW plug-ins, etc.) please show us/let us know.


Kelly/Carrico Entertainment, LLC
47730 Aberdeen Dr.
Novi, MI 48374 USA