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Thread: NEW VIDEO-Lightwave 3D 9.6 Rigging a T-Rex with Bones

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    NEW VIDEO-Lightwave 3D 9.6 Rigging a T-Rex with Bones

    Lightwave 3D 9.6 Rigging a T-Rex with Bones-by Adam Gibson

    In this Rigging Video Course Lightwave Instructor Adam Gibson shows the beginner 3D student how to use the Bone Tools in Lightwave's Layout to rig a Tyrannosaurus dinosaur. Weight Mapping is also covered in addition to show how to keep your character's mesh stable during posing and animation. This video is an excellent way to learn how to quickly and easily get your characters set up so they can eventually be animated to walk, run, jump and much much more.

    Table of Contents for Rigging a T-Rex with Bones

    Chapter 1- Intro

    Chapter 2- Creating Eye Weight Maps

    Chapter 3- Teeth Weight Maps

    Chapter 4- Merging Layers

    Chapter 5- Setting Up Rig Scene File

    Chapter 6- COG Bone

    Chapter 7- How to Rest a Bone

    Chapter 8- Leg Bones

    Chapter 9- Fixing Leg Bones

    Chapter 10- Bone Connector Tool

    Chapter 11- Renaming Leg Bones

    Chapter 12- Tail Bones

    Chapter 13- Fixing Tail Pitch

    Chapter 14- Fixing Hip Pitch

    Chapter 15- Spine Head Bones

    Chapter 16- Lower Jaw Bones

    Chapter 17- Renaming Bones

    Chapter 18- How to Split

    Chapter 19- Renaming Head Bones

    Chapter 20- Creating Arm, Hand and Finger Bones

    Chapter 21- Checking Pitch Channels on Fingers

    Chapter 22- Groin Belly Hold Bone

    Chapter 23- Eye Bone

    Chapter 24- Mirror Eye Bone

    Chapter 25- Renaming Arm and Claw Bones

    Chapter 26- Mirroring Arm Bones

    Chapter 27- Mirroring Leg Bones

    Chapter 28- Parenting Eye Bones to the Head Bone

    Chapter 29- Checking Bone Chain Parents

    Chapter 30- Resting Bones Problem

    Chapter 31- Fixing Bone Sizing and Scaling Issues

    Chapter 32- Resting the Bones

    Chapter 33- Fall Off Type and Subdivision Order

    Chapter 34- Testing Tail Bones

    Chapter 35- Testing Spine Bones

    Chapter 36- Testing Neck Bones

    Chapter 37- Testing Eye Bones Part One

    Chapter 38- Testing Eye Bones Part Two

    Chapter 39- Upper and Lower Jam Weight Maps

    Chapter 40- Testing Eye Bones Part Three

    Chapter 41- Testing Eye Bones Part Four

    Chapter 42- Lower Jaw Bone Test

    Chapter 43- Arm Test

    Chapter 44- Leg Testing

    Chapter 45- Creating Object Nulls

    Chapter 46- Parenting Object Nulls

    Chapter 47- Positioning Goals

    Chapter 48- Setting Up IK(Inverse Kinematics) in the Legs

    High Quality (Screen-Res 1440 x 900 pixels) Quicktime Video

    Level: Beginner
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    Picked this up...just watched a few chapters so far. Thaks for putting together Adam.

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