We have a new Windows 7 computer with an Asus PT6 WS Professional motherboard with a i7 processor and 12 gb RAM.

The problem is, when starting up VT, it doesn't crash. What does happen though is it only allows 2 Cameras to work at a time. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Drivers. UAC is off. But either way, whether the driver is installed or uninstalled, in the device manager it shows the group NewTek SD driver and the actual device shows and has a blue question mark with a circle around it. When doing a NewTekrtme, it starts up properly. We have both a SX-8 and a SX-84 and both have the same result with only having 2 cameras working at once. I have also tried switching the VT cables around to different positions to see if it was a problem with a cable.

No other software, except the motherboard drivers and video card (N250S Twin Frozr 1gb), quicktime provided by the 5.x patches and adobe 8 reader installed.

Any suggestion on how to get it to see more than 2 cameras without having to physically reseat the cables?

Ie. hit the switcher for Cam 1 and it comes on. Hit the switcher for Cam 2 and it comes on. Hit the switcher for Cam 3 and it shows black. Reseat the cable for Cam 3 and Cam 2 and 3 work while losing the first camera (black screen) pushed into the switcher.