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Thread: Building a TV Studio

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    Cool Building a TV Studio

    My name is Todd and I work for a K-12 public school district in Northern California. I work in our Tech. Services department. Since the summer of 2009 I have been involved with a project to build a TV studio at one of our newer High Schools. The school was build about 3 1/2 years ago with a TV studio but for a number of reasons the district didn't start planning to outfit the studio until 2009. I was brought in at that time to discuss the design and help oversee the project.

    Over the course of a series of meetings a decision was made to bring the vast majority of the work in house. I would be designing and installing the studio. Through the course of planning, the project got put on hold for a long period of time as the district sorted out the financing for this project.

    Equipment finally started arriving in August 2010 and I had the first delivery made from our warehouse to the site at the end of September 2010. Right now I have about two months worth of work completed on the studio installation process. I am now conducting training with the teachers and students enrolled in a club that will become an official broadcast journalism class in the Fall of 2011. While I'm not 100% complete, I am nearing completion.

    Here is a link to my photo album on Photobucket with all the photos I have taken during the build process.

    Photo Album

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    Nice job! High School Video class has come a LONG way since I took it back in the mid-70's.
    I'd love to visit your studio when I head up North. Where are you located? You can send me a PM if you prefer.
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    Impressive setup.


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