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Thread: Nightly Show Template -XD850

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    Nightly Show Template -XD850

    This is a silly question, but I haven't found it yet in the manuals. On the XD850, what do I use to edit the Nightly Show template that displays the content and text in the video windows on that LiveSet?

    As an aside - what a great device. A true game-changer.

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    Thank you for your kind words - we think that TriCaster TCXD850 is going to revolutionize network-style live production.

    for your pre and post-production needs, SpeedEDIT is included and is accessed from the main menu.
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    So, you could use the included SE2 to make a montage clip. The last time I tried it, there was something buggy about doing this with a Sub-Project, but otherwise it should work ok.
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