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Thread: In House do-it-yourself CDN

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    In House do-it-yourself CDN


    I'm looking into setting up our own in-house CDN for managing redistribution to a small (and possibly controled) set of users. I'm having a problem with is figuring out what software packages are out there to do this.

    I'd like to setup a linux server to do this, but can do a windows server if needed.

    Ideally I'd like to go with something open source (or at least freely available) to do this. I'm fine with pushing a Flash or WMV video and just need to know what the different software options are or what keywords I need to search for.

    I'm perfectly capable of doing all the system administrative stuff i just don't yet know enough about all the streaming servers.

    One option I've looked at is just using Windows Media Server but that is the only software I actually know I can use and thought some of you must be doing at least some of your own re-streaming.

    Duane Newman
    FrogPond Technologies, Inc.

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    I would look at Wowza Media
    Zane Condren
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