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Thread: Alien Spaceship - SHORT FILM ( W.I.P. )

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    Alien Spaceship - SHORT FILM ( W.I.P. )

    Hi wavers!

    I plan doing a short film ( personal project for fun ) and I started doing during a hollyday this scene.

    The environment replicates a poor city in Brazil, near mine , wich is the preffered location for moviemakers in Brazil 'cause there's absolutelly no rain and no clouds on it! So it's good time sky everytime to shot films. That's why this city is called " ROLIUDE NORDESTINA " that means Hollywood in Northeast.

    Once there's a lot of films in where Hollywood plate is destructed I'm doing the partial destruction of the " ROLIUDE NORDESTINA " plate.

    Spaceship concept art here:

    Spaceship turn around video:

    Scene in progress here:

    viewport animation video here:

    1st test rendering video here:

    or see here:

    Physics is Lightwave is not that good and some people says it's not realistic my result.
    The wires animation was hand-made and the E letter is hardbody.

    The letter drags down once the terrain is not plane and also falls down.

    I can't wait to see if bullet will give me the power to work with soft and hard FX same time in LW 10.

    Anyway I liked it this way and plan adding dust and other elements in the future compositing steps. Probably dust done in lightwave itself.

    Actually I plan to model additive elements to the background and doing corrections, adding details to the first plane elements and so on...

    I have no time to finish this. Hope to have spare time. Actually everything is a 2 days work.

    Critics & Comments are welcome
    Silvio Toledo

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    Can't watch YouTube vids from the office... IT has the site blocked, ugh.

    But I can say that the comp, second image, looks good but the tile texture on the ship needs some tweaking. It's too flat and looks like it's just thrown onto the ship for the look instead of being part of the structural design.

    I like how to adopted the lizard feel to the ship though, kind of how they used a snake head on "V the series".
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