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Thread: Tricaster in live theatre applications

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    Tricaster in live theatre applications

    Has anyone used the Tricaster in a live theatre/corporate event setting?

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    I'm not sure about a theatre setting, but they are used all the time for corporate events. I'm sure many members here have ideas and uses for corporate events.

    We did one yesterday where we were providing two fuctions -- 1) IMAG display on large projectors for a 3rd Quarter Earnings meeting and 2) Live webcast to remote offices throughout the US. We were mixing 3 cameras and a PowerPoint.

    But we were actually outputting two different shows for the IMAG and the webcast. (Disclaimer - we used the VT5 and not a TriCaster yesterday.) But between the Aux, Preview, and Program busses, we put on two different shows live for the in-house audience and the webcast audience.

    The client provided us with several videos that were to be played back during the conference. For the live stream we added lower third graphics.


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    We do corporate events, ballroom events, and even some arena/stadium stuff with our Tricasters AND we live webcast those same things. It's AWESOME. Got questions?
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