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Thread: Casino Animation

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    Pretty damn cool!

    It's hard to achive something like that in a week with rendering and whatnot, and you guys did it in just 3 days.

    Well done!
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    whooo 3 days ? that's an excellent work. Is that without Rendertime or you had some insane machines/renderfarm ?
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    Thanks. That is with render times. We have a decent sized farm. Frame times averaged 12 min I would say.

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    Way to go on that production ethic of yours ..

    Thought of using vRoom? I only ask because the mapped glass was the ONLY negative in the whole anim (and then, only on the close driveway pan).
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    I looked at vroom when it first came out, but forgot about it. I will check it out again.

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    Hey Otacon any word on if that animation is public yet? I'm really curious to see it!
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    Yeah i posted it a few posts back.

    Quote Originally Posted by otacon View Post
    The video is back up.

    If it stalls at start, try switching to 480p.

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    Sweet presentation. Love the tilt shift.

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    Nice video!!
    I like the cepia environment!!
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    Three days? Including rendering? That's very quick turnaround indeed.
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    Really great shots ..

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    Really great shots, especially taking into account that you spend three days only on this job. I never visited real casinos (online gambling sites like only), but I think you managed to express the atmosphere very precisely.

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