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Thread: Rotate Around Mesh Centers

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    Rotate Around Mesh Centers

    Hello, forum. Is there a way to rotate around multiple mesh centers in a single layer in Modeler? I can't find anything. Seems like a problem the LScript geniuses would have solved. Attached is a hopefully clear visual explanation. Again, the meshes are in a single layer. Any help is appreciated.
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    You could ask Mentalfish if the polygon islands would do what you needed. Not sure if it works on individual parts?

    Essentially you need to rotate using local coordinates.

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    You can do it with LWCad's Jitter Tool.

    A while back I tried to do something similar with Polygon Island 2. It didn't work.

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    Yes, those selections dont have a "base" that Polygon Island 2.0 can create an average normal from, so it will not work. I have an old version of Polygon Island that does work with this, as it is using Y as the rotation axis.
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    Wow-wee! Thank you all! Thank you JeffrySG and digefxgrp for your guidance.

    Thank you MentalFish for the PlugIn! It's perfect! You just saved me HOURS of tedious work.

    ALSO: Examining Polygon Island 2, I Kick myself for not buying before.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you...what a great forum.



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