I would like to create a bit more complicated particle effect. The idea is that first a set of particles (p1) get stuck on a surface. Then another set of particles (p2) go through a force field and get divided into smaller particles (p3). Finally the smaller particles (p3) hit the first ones (p1) and tear them off of the sticky surface they are on.

I've managed in getting the p1 to get stuck on their parenting surface and I've gotten the p2 to break into p3. Now I would like to drag/push/whatever the p1 with the p3 but I don't want the p3 to get stuck in the same surface as the p1 is in.

Is this even possible?

Ideal would be if the p1 got off of their surface only after multiple hits of p3 but I would be glad to get them moving in the first place.