I doubt that this is really a plugin, perhaps more just the correct setup of an advanced camera in Lightwave.

I'm looking for someone to create an advanced fisheye camera that will do the following.

Render a fisheye image using a user defined number of fisheye slits to make up the final image. For example, a 180 degree fisheye image may be made up from 35 x 5 degree cresent moon shaped slits. The fisheye camera is rotated 5 degrees after each slit is taken. The slits are combined to make up the final full fisheye frame.

I suspect that the advanced camera tools and timewarp features are there to achieve such a result. I just don't have the indepth Lightwave knowledge to figure out specifically how to do it.

If anyone is interested, I have US$500 for anyone that can setup this kind of advanced camera for me.