Ok I followed this excellent old tutorial for making a curtain opening using a morph this is the tutorial I followed and came out looking great. http://www.newtek.com/lightwave/tuto...ain/index.html

However I'm left with one problem which is probably very simple to fix. Anyways I cloned the curtain in layout, rotated the other way round so I now have two curtains both opening together in opposite directions.

However the problem comes from when the curtains open, the bottom corners of the curtains seem to lack weight and as the curtains open instead of flowing straight like normal theatre curtains do. I end up with an almost like arch bend in the opening of the curtains instead of straight.

I tried messing about with gravity and weight settings but still the same result. However the opening of the curtains is only 200 frames long from full opening. Could it be I need to simply make the opening of the curtains more like 1000 frames?