Hi Guys,

I'm try to find a more efficient way to write a set of expressions but am new to expressions so I'm not sure how. Can one of you gurus give me a hand?

I've got a scene with three nulls, named Master, Follower01 and Follower 02. I would like the two followers to do what the master does but with a delay. The reason I am not using Channel Follower is because I'd like the delay to be adjustable. To control the delay, I have another null called Time Delayer and one more null called Time Controller (which does nothing more than convert the frames time to a whole number for ease of use).

On the Follower 01 and 02 Nulls, I have the following expressions:

Follower 01:
Master.pos(Time - TimeDelayer.pos(Time).y).y

Follower 02:
Master.pos(Time - TimeDelayer.pos(Time).y*2).y

What they do is take the y position of the Delayer and use that to control when the Followers begin to follow the master by multiplying the y position by a preset amount (in this case 1 and 2).

Then on the Delayer object, I have an expression that looks like this:
TimeController.pos(Time).y / 24

It is used just to make it easier for me to figure out frame delays without having to deal with fractional seconds.

With this setup, everything works as expected. I animate the Master object and the followers all follow at even intervals controlled by the multiplier in the expression. And I can animate the Controller object to adjust the delay on the fly if needed by just increasing or decreasing it's Y position.

The only problem is that the final scene will eventually have 100 objects. Is there any way for me to work this so I don't end up with 100 (Follower 1-100) expressions that differ only in the multiplier used to control the offset?

Please bear in mind that I am pretty new to expressions.