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Thread: SX-8 video/audio breaking up

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    SX-8 video/audio breaking up

    I have had an SX-8 running with my VT5 for about 2 years. Recent problems keep happening and it is very intermittent. Video and audio cut in and out, slowly at first and then become more regular. I shut down and reboot and problem goes away for about 10 minutes or sometimes for the rest of the session. I plan on cracking open the case and giving it the once over. Just wanted to know if anyone is familiar with this and can give some guidance. Running a win XP dual xeon with 4 Gb memory and 4 internal HD's -2 SCSI and 2 SATA.

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    check hard drive performance

    it could be either a cable or actually a disk going bad - you can use the windows performance monitor to observe the raid and determine which drive is causing the problem if that is it - the cable problem is cheapest to fix! - a bad cable will look like a faulty drive so first pull the problem disk and try with another cable or other machine. Performance monitor is in the control panel under administrative - you can look at read - write cycles for each drive and visually see which stripe is the problem - i got lots of audio stutter and video slowdown from a bad cable, and intermittently like what you described


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