I'm new to Lightwave but have previously done some work with the creation of stereo panorama images. The existing process for creating stereo panoramas is lengthy. Perhaps there is a way to do it faster using one or more of the Lightwave's advanced camera tools.

Currently, in order to create a stereo panorama one needs to setup two perspective cameras which can be rotated using a null object located betweem them. A tall thin image is rendered from each camera, say 1 degree wide, and then the null object is rotatated 1 degree before the next 1 degree slice is rendered. After 360 rotations, the 1 degree slices from the left cemera need to be stitched together as do those from the right camera.

Does any one know whether the task could be made easier through the use of Lightwave's advanced camera features and if so perhaps give me some pointers ?

I don't beleive that the lightwave panorama camera will work as it is the ability to create a single image made up from 360 slices from non central rotating cameras which is the key. If not a rotating camera then the ability to simulate the rotation via ray start/finish or some other advanced camera feature.

Many thanks