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Thread: Web streaming, closed circuit TV, wireless Internet

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    Web streaming, closed circuit TV, wireless Internet

    We're looking into getting a TriCaster TCXD300 for our school. I have
    a few questions. 1) Could you explain to me further how the TriCaster
    TCXD300 can be used to stream live to the web? Specifically, how could
    I put the feed coming from the TriCaster onto my website? 2) How can
    it be used to stream live to a closed circuit TV channel (like the one
    at our school)? 3) How would it be possible to put the recorded live
    broadcast on a loop on the closed circuit TV channel? 4) Could either
    a USB or WiFi device or both from CLEAR (, a 4G
    wireless Internet provider) be used to produce HD live broadcasts
    using the TriCaster TCXD300?

    This is a big investment and we want to make sure we'll be able to get
    the most out of it. The reseller we're working with, Wink Audio
    Visual, wasn't quite familiar with these sort of questions and told me
    to check with NewTek. We're trying to move fairly quickly so we'd love a good, quick response!


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    You connect your TriCaster to the Network, and then choose a streaming profile (numerous profiles in either Flash or Windows Media). You can optionally record your stream for later on-demand viewing, and choose where to save that file.

    Then, you click the 'Stream' button under the Program monitor, and you're live.

    Anything routed to your switcher's Program output is streamed, so you would simply have to connect the audio and video from your closed circuit feed to the TriCaster.

    Once it's recorded, you can load that clip into the DDR, set it to loop, and play it.

    We did a brief in-house test with CLEAR's 4G modem connected to TriCaster via WiFi and it seemed to satisfactorily transmit 720p video.

    Feel free to e-mail me if you have any additional questions.
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    I have the Clear 4g and it is hit or miss it really depends on what else is going on around you since if suddenly a bunch of people show up and hop onto their Clear wireless and start watching video then your speed drops and you are dead in the water.

    Clear uses cell towers that normally only have limited bandwidth that is then shared with all connected users. Technically they will add additional bandwidth as needed but only after it becomes a on going problem with complaints. So you may be fine right now but some day you will go to do a cast and bam it will hit you your upload speed is only 200 kbps not enough for a webcast of any quaility.

    With mine I have seen it go from a great 1.5 mbps then 5 min later literally 76kbps...
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    Instead of installing a USB device for WiFi, use a bridge which connects to the Ethernet port with zero software needed.
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