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Thread: Use 3dmodelfree object/scene

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    Use 3dmodelfree object/scene

    Hi everybody,

    I would like to use some of the 3dmodelfree interiors, like this one but I don't know how : first, it's a 3d max format, second, filenames are in utf-8 (japanese).

    Does someone already managed to import them? Do you know I can I do?

    I try the polytrans demo, but .max is not supported. And if I change extension to .3ds, scene is empty.


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    .max files require 3ds max. No getting around it. - temporarily offline due to updating...
    Spinquad Forum - Closed Sorry...
    lightwave-resources.pdf - - temporarily offline due to updating...

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    What ? We need 3ds max to convert 3dsmax objects ? It's...

    So, do you know where I can find good interiors (living room) for lightwave ?


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