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Thread: 3d Arsenal tab not showing up in Layout or Modular

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    3d Arsenal tab not showing up in Layout or Modular

    I am new to the forum so be nice. I am currently using Lightwave 9.6 and am trying to add 3D arsenal to it using the second disk. I follow the directions said by the newtek website "setting up light wave for 3d arsenal" Windows version" and no tab appears for 3d arsenal in n Layout or Modular. How do I get one do I need to create it and if yes how do I do that?

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    Just ran into a similiar problem. Have not used 3D Arsenal for about 6 months. Just tried opening it and the tab has disappeared. Any thoughts?


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    It probably means that 3D Arsenal is not properly configured. Look on Disk 2 for the config files.
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