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Thread: Delaying a webcast - solutions?

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    Delaying a webcast - solutions?


    This is my first time on this forum so thanks in advance for any help.

    I would like to produce a webcast using a tricaster (although depending on the responses I may have to use an alternative device). The main issue is that I need to delay my live stream by anything from 5 minutes to one hour.

    Does anyone know what a good solution would be? I should preface this by saying I am investigating viewcast niagra products on the recommendation of Newtek tech support and also looking at hacking a PVR with chase and play features so I can pause the playout whilst it still records to disk. However, I have yet to confirm if I can encode the output from a PVR.

    I have to use Windows media encoder on the CDN.

    Any ideas? Newtek suggested I use time warp on a studio or broadcast tricaster and send the feed via the aux output which should be solo'd to a viecaster. I fear this process would result in dead air between every delayed module though. Am I correct to think this?

    Does anyone know what product exists to delay? Obviously I can write to disk but I don't think I can encode a file that hasn't completed writing to a hard drive - again I may be wrong.



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    I think the PVR is your best solution. As I recall, they have to do the same thing at Saddleback Church here locally because sometimes the sermon needs to be delayed a few minutes before playout to some of their venues. The DVR system works perfectly for this. Just look for one with analog ins/outs and hook it up to your Tricaster output and use a laptop or computer to encode the DVR's output on the other side. Start the show, hit Record. Wait till other side is ready... hit Play.

    Keep us abreast of what works and how!

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