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Thread: dings , burnt and scrachs

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    dings , burnt and scrachs

    how would i mark up a paint job on a tank......???
    or any othe paint job on a model??

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    I wish I still had the link, but dont. I'll try to get this across, forgive me if I fail...

    Start by applying a procedural to the color channel where you want the ding or dirt to go. Make it a bright color like red so it's easy to see. (you can change it later). Now copy that layer into your other channels such as reflection, bump, specularity, etc... the patterns will match. You could use this to make a scratch shinier than the rest of the object. It's all in using your layers.

    Ah HA!!! Found it! Look at the texturing portion of this, it taught me more in 10 minutes than... well... anything.
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