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Thread: SE 2 clarification

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    SE 2 clarification

    I am currently using VT5 on a fairly up-to date PC.
    Is SE2 a stand-alone program and does SE2 utilize the VT card in any way for input or output of video or sound files. If not, is it practical to install SE2 into the same PC?
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    SE2 is a stand alone program and yes it can use the VT card as a display device. As for input, you can only capture video via the 1394 port with SE2.
    If you use VTSE and want to use the new features SE2 gives you, then it is advantageous to install on the same system. That said, SE2 does use Black Magic Design display cards like Intensity Pro which is very inexpensive. Same issue with only being able to use the BMD card as a display device but like VT, you can capture analog using the BMD software and add HD resolution to your edited suite. I have SE2 install on my desktop with the VT and BMD Intensity Pro.
    So if you need analog in and out plus SD and HD, you could install SE2 on another system and just add a BMD card for a lot less than a VT system. You could also wait for someone to tell us that the new MBD devices that work via USB3 work with SE2. Then a Laptop or desktop with USB3 may also be a nice extra system with a laptop with USB3 being a very nice portable HD system.
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    --"As for input, you can only capture video via the 1394 port with SE2."

    Wait, what? You can't capture with a VT5 card?

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    No from SE2 you can't, but you can capture using VT5 then edit with SE2. But most video is now digital so you would capture with firewire with SE2, or copy files from memory sticks.

    SE2 does output through the VT card and breakout box.
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