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Thread: how to create hotspots on 3d model

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    how to create hotspots on 3d model


    I have a 3d building in shockwave;

    I have one wall of the building that is not straight but curvy, a "serpentine wall";

    I would like to establish hotspots on the wall such that when a user rolls over the hotspot area something will happen, eg the hotspot will light up or an onmouseover message will be generated;

    the hotspots themselves are rectangular, though projected onto the serpentine wall;

    I have been playing with modelsunderloc's #uvCoord, but frankly I can't seem to make sense of the values;

    any thoughts?


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    you can't just define in world position where they are and then use screen2worldposition? my plugins

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    walfridson, thanks for your response;

    I am unaware of screen2worldposition; I looked for it in the Director 10 Help, but didn't find anything; I'll google it tomorrow, but I get the idea ... interesting ...



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