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Thread: Third-party Support, Training and Product Notices

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    Third-party Support, Training and Product Notices

    The insights and talents of the NewTek community are a real asset, and the generous way these are shared is much appreciated.

    Some take this to another level, providing various services (including products, training, and the like). This too is a sign of a vigorous community, but - there is a crossover point where letting others know that you offer a service or product becomes spam.

    There's generally no objection to replying to a direct question about products or services. For example, if someone says 'Who here can build me a custom DVE?', it's open season ... within reason, of course. Unless someone specifically asks, though, those offering (NewTek product related) services or soliciting business should take advantage of a number of *sub-forums specifically provided for this purpose.

    Respecting forum decorum (yes, I know it rhymes) in this way will largely prevent complaints about spam, while still allowing members offering services to advertise them, and those looking for something to find those offering it; better still, it will mean your posts don't risk moderation. Thanks for your co-operation, which helps keep the forums a pleasant and productive place to frequent.
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