Need help making a unique camera lens.

I will explain the project,

We are making a 360? degree video projection, but the room is not 360, its actually shaped a little like a boat 10mtrs in length 3mtrs width and each end is curved.

We will be projecting a sea voyage, multiple projectors will beam the images on the walls. The audience stands in the middle, it should basically look real, like they are looking out of a window.

We did this with another project a circular room and 360 camera, rendered image 10000k by1000. cut it up and beamed it and flying through clouds.

at around 2mins into video you see it.

So what I need to do is make the rooms shape a lens, Move this lens through the scene, and then render out a 10000k by 1000k realistic images.

I looked at the tutorial on newtek act lens looks great, I am completely stuck Cant even make a UV on a simple shape and get it to render. More of a layout user, lighting and so on.

Thanks for any help