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Thread: Need help making a camera lens

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    Need help making a camera lens

    Need help making a unique camera lens.

    I will explain the project,

    We are making a 360? degree video projection, but the room is not 360, its actually shaped a little like a boat 10mtrs in length 3mtrs width and each end is curved.

    We will be projecting a sea voyage, multiple projectors will beam the images on the walls. The audience stands in the middle, it should basically look real, like they are looking out of a window.

    We did this with another project a circular room and 360 camera, rendered image 10000k by1000. cut it up and beamed it and flying through clouds.

    at around 2mins into video you see it.

    So what I need to do is make the rooms shape a lens, Move this lens through the scene, and then render out a 10000k by 1000k realistic images.

    I looked at the tutorial on newtek act lens looks great, I am completely stuck Cant even make a UV on a simple shape and get it to render. More of a layout user, lighting and so on.

    Thanks for any help


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    I'm trying to get my head around your request, is this it;
    You have previously done 360degree projection from multiple projectors in a circular room, and now you want to do it in a room which is not circular in plan ?

    it will all depend on your projectors. I think you will need to generate your 360 degee panorama and then distort the sections for each projector.

    If you were as mad as I, you would try starting like this,
    accurately model the shape of your room's walls and be sure of the positions of your projectors. (best subdivide the walls into one named surface (lots of vertical facet strips) for each projector). place a LW camera at each projectors position - get the focal length and aspect ratio right).
    Take your room model, morph it by hand to a cylinder (ouch) (keep lots of progress copies) use layout to save the transformed as a new object. Map your 360 footage onto that, morph that back to the original shape.
    Use the LW camera you have set up at each projector position to re-film it.

    Alternatively find someone to do it digitaly and pour money down their throats.
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