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Thread: SpeedEdit project - some portions of video clips seems to sparkle or shimmer.

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    SpeedEdit project - some portions of video clips seems to sparkle or shimmer.

    Hello All;
    Yesterday, I created a slide show in SpeedEdit using high resolution .jpg images from a digital camera. After I authored the video in Adobe Encore and played it back on my Set-Top DVD Player, one part (A women's dress) sparkles, shimmers, or flashes with some wierd behavior. I have seen this other times with other videos I've done. There are certain portions of a clip that shimmer or sparkle even though they are still images.

    Anyone know what's happening here and if or what I can do to correct the problem ?


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    This is a common problem from back in the day of interlaced video. Anything on the screen with fine lines in it or fine detail can sometimes twinkle or shimmer because anything in the image that is 1 scan line in size or less tends to jump back and forth between the even/odd CRT scans in the interlace process.

    I ran into this issue while editing a Ken Burns type documentary with multiple moves on photographs. It looked great on my progressive scan computer monitor but when I played back the DVD I produced in Encore as video, some images had shimmer problems. The only solution I found was go to the properties of the video clip and use a small blur value. This tended to reduce the shimmer. Too much blur though and your image will obviously go soft. Make very small adjustments in the blur value until you find the sweet spot.

    Another option would be to slightly blur the image in Photoshop.

    The best of all worlds would be to have a composite video feed directly out of your computer so you can see your output as true video while editing and be able to catch these problems on the fly.

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    Encore use to render clips upside down on my projects to I change my I.P. and whent ON THE RUN! GOOD LUCK WITH THAT ***** ADOBE!
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    Enable Super Sampling in the control tree under quality. That should solve your problem.
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    Put the file back on the timeline. Do cuts on the problem section. Open ControlTree the Layers. Set High quality and Image Super Sampling. Highlite the clip and rt.clk. to pick render select. Use HQproject codec from Windows.AVI, 3rd from the bottom. If it still shimmers, goto the effects video tab, a put the defielding filter stretched to length and try a render again. Blur does work, and if say the top does not need any attention, you could use 2 layers and edges. You pull the blur layer down, so the second layer shows without blur. HTHelps Post back for more help with using 2 layers of the same clip.
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    For other discussions of this and related issues, you might try a quick search of the SE forums for "moiré". (It comes up several times a year.)
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