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Thread: bin file error...

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    bin file error...

    Hey is there any way I can fix the Bin file error I keep getting when I start up my TriCaster. I have two of them here at work. Doesn't matter which one I use they both have a hard time opening.
    i usually wait for the option to shutdown, go to desktop... So I click go to desktop and then manually start the program and it works.

    I need to get our registration information from our vender. But I tried to do an update. but you have to setup your reg information first. is there perhaps an easier way to fix this? Like editing the start up information where it says (C:\WINDOWS\sysrst.mbr="Restore TriCaster") ?

    It's just so buggy.

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    If you are getting errors you should call tech support and get that sorted out.

    Customer service can get you the registration info you need in order to download the updates.

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    You should be able to do the restore on your machine without registering it. In fact when you restore it, you will have to re-register it if you'd already registered it.

    Also: the serial # is on the bottom of the machine, so you shouldn't have to contact your vendor in order to register it.

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    If you updated quicktime then you may need to install the patch off of the The restore will work as well.
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