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Thread: Mosaic Sphere. How? I hate to eyeball stuff =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by erikals View Post
    it is the correct result
    For which goal? There are now like 3-4 different "goals" in play within this thread.
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    for that specific goal.

    the thread starter basically answered his own question. and i trust he is right regarding his answer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jwiede View Post
    For which goal? There are now like 3-4 different "goals" in play within this thread.
    OP's goal if you read the thread.

    Was a bit of an abstract idea although driven by the desire to have the polygons of the sphere to be as squarish as possible, be similar to each other and at the time I thought having a trapezium with 3 sides with the same length was the way.

    Of course when one has the rules at hand programatically and interactively , it's easy to explore new rules, new shapes.

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    neat for sure.

    wonder, is it possible to do the same thing (easily) in LightWave ?
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    Pretty sure one can do this with LScript. Not sure about interactiveness.

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    Interactivity in Lscript? It _can_ be done, but having looked at the source code of said script, it's kind of ...painful... to do.

    As I have some free time until my next post surgical evaluation, I'll read back through the thread and see what I can come up with.

    I do know that the most efficient means of packing regular objects is a 'sunflower' lattice. I can generate one in 2D, have yet to try 3D.

    One would think one could generate a quad sphere, and use the points generated as the positions of the quads, with a little math to get them aligned to the surface correctly...
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