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    Newbie Node Question

    I am in the process of surfacing a vehicle and I am using the "CarPaint" node and dumping the output from this directly into the MATERIAL input on the Surface. This gives me basic color, reflection and the like but I have run into a wall. I also need to display an image as a decal on the same surface. I have worked at this for hours with no luck. Could someone please help me out here?


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    put the decal texture node into the paint colour input. Materials override ALL surface properties (except bump for some reason ) so putting the texture into any input node on the main surface won't do a thing (except for bump ).

    If you want the decal to have different surfacing properties, then make another material with that as the colour input, and use the material mixer, using the texture's alpha channel as the mixing alpha.

    The 'carpaint' material is quite a complex shader to get your head round, and doesn't come with several key controls to make it work properly out of the box (Fresnel anyone!). If you want something more basic, try my quick and dirty home-made shader

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    dam..I was to late...I actuallly didnt know either, but it took me around 15 minutes to figure out something.

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    Haha sorry about that! Well pictures always help you probably wouldn't want to do that exactly, as that would make your logo 100% matte. Probably mess with the logo's alpha in the reflection inputs. If I get a chance I'll show an example.

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    I just used a simple B/W image here, but if you did a colour image, you'd just use an alpha to mask it's colour to the car's colour (as I did with the mixer node, only I used black). I also used the alpha to mask out the lettering from the reflectivity of the paint it's self, but not the gloss coat, as that would be above the logo/decal, in most cases. If it wasn't you'd need to use the alpha to give the gloss coat different properties, or just do as promethius showed there.
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    Thanks for the help guys!



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