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Thread: Turbulence Fluid Dynamics - Public Beta

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    Turbulence Fluid Dynamics - Public Beta

    Hi there!

    Turbulence Fluid Dynamics (TFD) is a gaseous fluid simulation system for effects like fire, smoke, explosions, dust, etc.
    Although still under development, it already had opportunities to proof it's simulation quality, scalability and ease of use in several productions ranging from independent shorts, commercials, a TV sports event and a big movie production.

    TFD is now available as a plug-in for Lightwave 3D v9.6 for Public Beta testing and Early Bird licensing.
    A port for Lightwave with CORE technology is in it's early development stage and will follow as soon as possible.

    You can download the plug-in here:
    It's Windows 64Bit only for now. Mac OS and Win 32Bit versions will be available soon.

    Here is a quick introduction video:
    TFD for LW96 - Getting Started

    Please also check out the example projects and the manual for more details.

    Your feedback is very much appreciated. So please do not hesitate to e-mail your questions, comments and suggestions to [email protected]

    As a small road map, here are the major features to come with the next updates:
    - fluid texturing
    - fire as light-source
    - GI smoke illumination (multiple scattering)
    - volumetric motion blur

    Early Bird licenses are available at a reduced price during the beta stage.
    These are full licenses with no restrictions, valid for both v9.6 and CORE later on.


    Jascha Wetzel

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    This is just too cool to be true!!!

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    Great!! Installing 64bit version now. Can't wait for 32bit version too, as most of the time I'm using 32bit LW due to most of my plugs being 32bit.

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    Petter Sundnes
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    WOW! Definitely slick. Nice preview too.
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    this looks great!! can't wait to try it. My great light probe Library.

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    Good work!
    Looks like a very useful plugin. I really like the Histogram control. I want something like that for VoluMedic as well.
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    1 million $'ers , GOD !
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    function curve editor GUI is SWEET ! "on video "

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    you just gave people a sweet reason to use LW !

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    Well I never. I thought the days of this kind of thing coming out for LW classic were long gone.
    How exciting.  4707

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    Thanks will give it a whirl in a couple of days, busy at the moment
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