Our system is Windows 7 64Bit. We installed Lightwave 9.6 & 3D Arsenal. Downloaded config files and interface loaders from http://www.newtek.com/3DA/downloads/ and followed the Installer How-To Videos exactly. The 3D Arsenal Tab shows up in Layout but not in Modeler.

Also, in Layout, when we select File-Load-Load Scene and select a scene lifke, for example, C:\3D Arsenal Master Content\scenes\Logo Arsenal\Logo_Arsenal_Basics\FlyIns\Behind_UnderCam era_NoSlant, we get a Plug-in Missing window with the message "No plug-in of type MasterHandler found with name .SpreadsheetStandardBanks. Would you like to load it from disk?" Note that this is a fresh install of Lightwave.

Any help is greatly appreciated!