I'm doing a series of live webcasts this week for the Academy of Country Music Awards, and I ran into a weird thing yesterday.

Prior to the live show I created a 10 CG page project in edit text, and exported the project for live and loaded them into the Live cg. The director wrote down the page numbers for all the different CGs. Then, moments prior to going live, I had to make a new page. I went into the edit text, made the new page, then re-exported the project. In the Live environment I added only the new page. When I then went to the pages already loaded, the position of elements on most, but not all pages were moved. Lower 3rds were in the center of the screen, some lower 3rds with 2 or 3 lines had lines missing ( they could have "moved" off screen. ) and generally I couldn't use any of the pages for fear they'd be messed up.

Luckily, there was a 3 minute "B-roll" playback from the DDR which allowed me time to erase all the pages out of the CG templates, and re-load them, at which point they were all normal, and worked fine.

Anyone have any idea why altering the project, but NOT touching the pages already loaded would cause them to change?

Bob Anderson