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Thread: Motion paths incomplete

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    Motion paths incomplete

    Hi There

    So I've created a lengthy and complex curve in Modeller, which I intend to use as a motion path to animate a null along.

    However, two routes I've tried to get this to work have only partially worked:

    - Exporting as a motion path, and then importing into Layout as a motion path for the null.
    - Taking the curve into layout and using the Curve Constraint motion modifier on the null, and selecting the curve

    In both cases only the first fraction (perhaps only 5%) of the curve is followed by the null, after which the null abandons the curve and snaps back to the origin.

    Any idea what is going on?


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    Any chance that you've built it out of individual curves? That is to say, if you are in polygon mode and select the curve, how many pieces can you select? If it is more than one, I bet the first one is the only one that is showing up.
    You need to merge polygons, shift-z., with all curve segments connected selected, ].
    Robert Wilson
    i-7-4770k @3.5ghz, Titan, GTX 1660 Ti, et al

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    Right you are UnCommonGrafx.

    Thanks for that!


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