I have read through the other posts and have found similar errors, but nothing exactly like what I am experiencing.

When I boot up the PC (Windows 2000), the audio behaves normally. I can run Media Player, SF's Acid, Internet Explorer... all programs with audio work. I can use the Windows audio icon in the taskbar, and am able to adjust the volume.

When I load Toaster (VT3), the Toaster's audio mixer takes control of my speakers, as expected. I can adjust the volume through the master volume slider.

When I close down Toaster, control is not restored to the Windows volume controller. The audio is very, very quiet (even though my studio monitors are hissing as if they are cranked full). It's almost as if VT3 still has control of the audio levels.

This problem occured after I upgraded to VT3. When I was using VT2, I never experienced this.

I have tried to kill winrtme.exe, but the problem does not go away. The only way to return audio control to my speakers is by restarting the computer.

Has anyone been able to fix this?