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Thread: uv texture subpatch wierdness

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    uv texture subpatch wierdness


    I have a subpatched object that has a uv mapped texture. The texture gets messed up in the corner of the object. The object is a really thin box. I used the subpatch for two reasons. Rounding the edges of the box, and to get it to deform nicely with endomorphs.

    How do I get the texture to behave correctly?

    I try to attach a picture of the thing.
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    Unfortunately, Lightwave UV's do not fully support subpatches, thus the wavery look to your texture. You can either freeze the mesh or subdivide the mesh you have a little bit to add a little more geometry. This cuts down on the distortion..

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    I freezed the object. The texture problems didn't go away. Do I have to uv-map the object again to get it to work? Or any other suggestions?

    Rendering time inceased from 100sec to 150sec per frame. I though't it would drop, as I read in the other thread.


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